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New member from Edmonton, AB


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What's up?!  New member from Edmonton, AB area. Bought the FJ 09 2 weeks ago; still sitting at the dealer waiting to be picked up when the weather will allow. 
I was a sucker and outfitted the bike with all Yammy accessories:
rear carrier
50l top case
city side cases
heated grips
the only thing that has choked me so far is that I bought the 3 piece lock set which on yamahas website says it works for the side cases and the top case. This is not accurate, you need a separate lock for the top case. Minor, but a little bummer.  I have already complained to Yamaha Canada. 
Look forward to getting some great info from everyone. 
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Congrats, and welcome, massiveuniball (Not gonna ask about that username...).
I'm in about the same boat as you.  I've bought my bike, but haven't yet picked it up (Minnesota winter).  I also picked the same options as you, though I haven't yet settled on a topcase.
Did you get a chance to see/fondle the 50 l Yamaha topcase?  I'm trying to decide if I should buy the 50 l Yamaha case, or a Shad or Givi case.  I want the smallest case that will hold 2 fullface helmets.
Any tips?
edit:  thanks for the info about the lockset not being compatible with the topcase.  Now I know I'm dealing with 3 keys regardless (bike ignition, side cases, top case).
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also no pics without the cases for you for a while. Today was pretty nice at 21farenheit, but we've had freezing rain today. I don't anticipate me getting my bike until late March. Even then could be iffy. I know you feel my pain living in a cold climate. Even when the snow melts they've thrown so much sand and salt on the roads that things get pretty slick.
Reading reviews, watchin' vids, looking at the forum is driving me insane. I WANT TO RIDE!!!
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Lots of us here feel your pain. Its snowing outside here atm and we've had a cold snap the last few days with overnight lows of -27°C. I can tell tere are a bunch of FJs that are gonna get more attention than our significant others when the weather shapes up, lol.
2015 Matte Grey
Modded stock exhaust, modded stock screen, modded stock seat, OEM heated grips, LED indicators, FlashTuned ECU, ZX10R shock
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