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ABS, Traction control and two 12-volt power plugs

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Those three stock features of the FJ-09 have me decided to trade in my FZ-09 Hooligan bike for and FJ-09.
ABS, I know I want it after riding my friends bikes with ABS. Once you get used to it, you want it on all of your bikes.
Traction Control. I dunno, never used it before. Can it be turned off?
Two 12-volt power plugs. Absolutely needed. Yes, I could wire some up for my FZ-09, but this is icing on the cake after the seat upgrade, ability to have hard bags for luggage and a small windshield.
For $10,500, this bike will fit my needs pretty well, and still be able to wheelie and hooligan around a bit.
I'm really looking forward to test riding one.
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   Cruizin, I've never ridden a bike with ABS. (I hate it on cages.)      The ugliest crashes I've had were high sides. Two of the worst  were going into the corner and losing the back of the bike.  Slipper clutch might have helped. Maybe not.  Traction control would not of since I was off the gas.   IMO  The best safety feature on a motorcycle is the lose nut on the handle bars, get it tuned and trained. Like Harry Callahan said, " Man's got to know his limitations." :o       
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I've seen pics with a USB power port on each side of the instrument cluster.
In addition to the above features, LED headlights and center stand are also appreciated.
I see ABS as a nice feature to have. Never had it on a bike before. Was a bit of a hold out, but there is too much hard evidence that shows that it is beneficial in nearly all conditions. Theoretically, a well trained rider can stop a few feet shorter on dry pavement, but not enough difference to matter.
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