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Update April 17, 2015
This thread is a pictorial index of “how to” threads and other well documented posts of interest. This thread is not intended to be used for discussions or never ending posts related to the references. Use this index to locate information that you know is there but can't remember which directory it was posted in. This index will make available that information that may get lost two or three years down the road and 1000 post later.
Please PM me with your favorite threads that have pictures and how to directions or just good pictures showing great modifications.
Pics for this index should be 350 pixels on the long side.
NOTE: If you can't find a thread you are looking for, using this index or the search window, PM me and we will try and help you find it. If you want to start a new thread that will be featured in this index, start the thread in the How To section or other appropriate discussion sections and PM me with the link.
Here are the links to the "How To" and other threads: 


Chassis (Bodywork) (Windscreen):  General windshield info:    
Body Repairs and Fixes:
Paint No's.: Grey & Red
ytQerzH.jpg DIY Windscreen


,w9qiF77.jpgDIY shorty Windscreen

Controls (Cockpit)(GPS Mounts)
Custom builds
uXwEJnG.jpgDIY Seat,


ECU, Exhaust and Performance Subjects, Exhaust and Headers: Dyno Runs before and after ECU Flashes
k2oYBrX.jpgInside the FJ muffler,

 bca1WrT.jpgRemoving ECU,
Engine, Transmission, and Drivetrain
I7QmHK8.jpgDrain plug modification:

 m1DIQjO.jpgNew Oil Pan,
 Also see:
wnquQ8T.jpgOEM Heated Grips,

RrbnFEy.jpgRostra Elec. Cruise Control DIY

image.png.2e6665766ccdc7fcb6cb7b931d9ac47f.pngThrottle Tamer
How To:
ZhsL1YK.jpg?2Mud flap,

 FvxSFQO.jpgEnlarge tool tray,
Luggage, hard side bags, top box, lights.
xEFn8po.jpgWrapped FJR bags, Wrap Adjustments

dgjZp40.jpgPainted FJR bags
wnVY8Tv.jpgShad TB, FJR bags:

n5dm4eT.jpgGivi E22N side bags. WJcHxu0.jpg Top Box 1
Luggage, soft side bags, other.
Er88095.jpgSoft Luggage(1), 6XMOPSh.jpgDIY Tailbag
Luggage, Tail Racks
rxHd9ej.jpgTail Rack (1),7kgOKZE.jpgHD Tail Rack (2),
hqKCt1U.jpgYamaha Steel Rack, xquvyDJ.jpgTail Rack (3)
Tank Bag:
vI4EJZV.jpgQuick Disconnect Tank Bag,
pqblcdD.jpgAux. Light Bracket,
Mods, Cages and upgrades
BfKobmY.jpgGPR4 Steering stabilizer, Pictorial Install by ULEWZ
yCv83mL.jpgHigdonionCages (1) (2), ytf3bX0.jpgDIY Skid Plate
qTa22UW.jpgTail tidy(1):
UWS4fAU.jpgTail tidy(2),
2WqyMhf.jpgTail tidy(3)
Wv8WU6b.jpgBagster SeatA6JjO6t.jpgCorbin Seat,
jXXjyuk.jpg?2Sargent Seat,
Suspension and Wheels and Brakes
Hmo3Rte.jpgOhlin Shocksuf90ewg.jpgShock Alternatives
o4Qxvkl.jpgWheel stripe (1):DYAV52X.jpgWheel strip(2),
ecHduZp.jpgWheel stripe (3)
Tools, Toolkits, and Related Widgets
Torque Values:  Torque Values, Freqently Used, by ULEWZ
Fault Codes:  Error or Fault Code List, by SkipperT
Oil Filter List:     Oil filter list, by Cruizin 
Spocket Gearing:  by Gearing Commander
Maintenance Schedule:  per OEM manual.
Slipper Clutch Parts list:  https://www.partshark.com/product/53311/xsr900-slipper-clutch-for-fz-09
Gearing Commander offers charts that can be modified to analysis different gearing for any motorcycle.  It does have a pull down menu of specific motorcycles which will give you the OEM gearing.  You can modify this by changing the RPM, Front sprocket, and Rear sprockets for comparisons. 
I hope you find it useful.

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(2)2005 FJR1300abs:  230,000 m
2015 FJ-09:  114,000 m (Replaced engine at 106K)

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