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Ermax & Powerbronze Windscreen


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has anyone bought the above mentioned windscreen?
the powerbronze is 520mm whereas the ermax is 500mm high. but it seems like the ermax is much wider at the bottom end as compared to the powerbronze.
would love to get real life experience on these screens and which is the better choice for us.
if you have purchased the above windscreen, would you please do a review by letting us know your height and inseam as well. after installing the screens, is it still adjustable with the yamaha original knobs?
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cheers! please kindly post a review about the windscreen once you get your hands on it, i noticed that ermax windscreen has a much wider profile at the bottom as compared to power bronze. 
1.[span]    [/span]quality of screen
2.[span]    [/span]is it still adjustable with yamaha knobs
3.[span]    [/span]ease of installation
4.[span]    [/span]overall wind protection ( is 50 cm height enough)
5. [span]   [/span]comparison of ermax windscreen with the stock windscreen[span]    [/span][span]    [/span][span]    [/span]
whats your height and inseam btw?
i will patiently wait for your review as well.
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