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American Flat Track trip


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Well I sure had a good 3 weeks.  Long planned trip to Belgian F1 Gran Prix at Spa and then Italian Gran Prix at Monza, came home, and went to American Flat Track at Williams Grove Speedway in Mechanicsburg, PA, followed up with the Concours at Radnor Hunt.  Whew.  I need a rest.
For the ride to Flat Track, I put on the Madstad big windscreen, the Yamaha hard bags and a nice little tank back I bought on sale (was mentioned on this form).  Riding impressions:
- it is not a relaxed highway ride for me.  Everyone is doing 75 and the wind, noise, rpms, are all a bit much for me.  Gladly, most of my rides are back roads in the countryside.
- I compare this to the BMW R1200 RTs I rent for week-long trips out west.  The BMW has a much more settled highway ride (as it should for 2x price). I am no iron butt, I try to keep the daily miles down.  1-2 hours morning and another  hour in the afternoon is fine with me.
- What is up with the highway where they have dug up and repave a strip 1/2 way across every 30 yards for miles.  Anyone know why they do this?
- It was nice to see an electric sign - Caution Motorcycles, right lane Milled Road ahead.  Boy was I glad to see that as a suddem change would have been a startling surprise.
- On the way to/from the Radnor Hunt Concours - I rode it like a sport bike and wow, this is fun.  Great motor.
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I saw F1 at Spa two years ago. What a beautiful setting in the forest! sounds like you had a great trip:)

Red 2015 Tracer, UK spec (well, it was until I started messing with it...)

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It's great to see others have similar interests. The last few years we have done some super rides to Laguna Seca for World SuperBikes, Santa Rosa for the Mile, Calistoga for the Half Mile. We start in the San Diego area and head north via the most interesting route we can think off. We stay off the beaten path as best as we can, cross the Sierras, ride Hiway ! (not this year). We are already planning for next year.
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