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Need someone with a service manual to.....


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Create a useful list of common parts and their respective torque values such as:
Brake calipers
Axle bolts
fork triple clamps
exhaust bolts
steering stem nut
engine mount bolts (also useful for adding frame sliders)
Subframe bolts
Oil drain plug torque (manual recommendation, and what we should actually use, which is snug, but not too tight).
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The service manual has 3-4 pages of torque values nicely laid out. I know scanning the whole book is a no no but would 4 pages scanned and posted be allowed?

The phrase I often see with copyright is "cannot reproduce whole or in part" so the short answer is no.
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Brake calipers:
Front:  35 Nm / 25 ft-lbf  Rear:  27 Nm / 20 ft-lbf
Brake caliper bleeder screw:  5 Nm / 3.6 ft-lbf
Axle bolts?
Front:  65 Nm / 47 ft-lbf
Rear:  150 Nm / 108 ft-lbf
Upper bolt:  22 Nm / 16 ft-lbf  Lower nut:  40 Nm / 29 ft-lbf
fork triple clamps:
Upper:  26 Nm / 19 ft-lbf  Lower:  23 Nm / 17 ft-lbf
exhaust bolts:
20 Nm / 14 ft-lbf
steering stem nut:
In order of Assembly:
Lower:  52 Nm / 38 ft-lbf, then loosen completely, then 18 Nm / 13 ft-lbf
Cap:  110 Nm / 80 ft-lbf
engine mount bolts (also useful for adding frame sliders)
Front upper and Lower bolts:  45 Nm / 33 ft-lbf
Rear lower side nut:  45 Nm / 33 ft-lbf
Rear upper nut:  45 Nm / 33 ft-lbf
Subframe bolts:  50 Nm / 36 ft-lbf
Oil Filter:  17 Nm / 12 ft-lbf
Drain Bolt:  43 Nm / 31 ft-lbf
Filler cap: 1.5 Nm / 1.1 ft-lbf
Rear shock Upper/Lower:  44 Nm / 32 ft-lbf

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