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R1/320mm rotor conversion

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see https://fj-09.org/thread/6189/front-brake-issue?page=6 for some background.
Please choose your spacer and bolt style. The survey is not a commitment to buy, but if you want to put money down, please respond to the thread and indicate as such. I'm willing to put an order together with Pro-Bolt. Their bolts are made in UK. Discounted pricing starts at 50 units, 15% on SS, 20% on Ti.
Their SS bolts are about $9 each and Ti about $16 each. So package total (both sides, natch) would approximate between 66-86 (SS) and 94-114 (Ti) + shipping which is getting a tad expensive.
If you find a better price on the bolts, please do share in the thread.

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What dia., length and head style and grade SS bolts are required and I'll check my sources?
flange-head or (tapered) socket head M10x1.25
85 or 80mm
grade 8.8 minimum but 10.9+ is probably correct.
Doesn't have to be SS but it needs to have a good weather-proof coating: zinc or marine-grade (zinc chromate/greenkote) or flake, phosphate, Dacromet, Xylan?

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I got a ping-back from Alibaba $3/bolt (titanium, GR5)
I worked for years in the aerospace industry and cheap, inferior, knock-off parts are a very real serious problem. I would be have doubts about a $3 bolt being equivalent to a $16 one. Just saying...  

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I am committed to 2x pair of spacers and bolts. I would prefer powder coated but dont want to rely on 15 other orders to justify a trip to the powder-coaters.
So for now;
2x pair raw spacers
4x flange head SS polished bolts
FWIW, we have snow, ice and crappy overall weather here and I realize others are still on Christmas/New Years vacation or holiday travel. I can wait for a "group order" and can do this at your convenience.
Thanks for your commitment in helping this FJ community Matt
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Hi Matt - I’ll take two pair, which by my advanced math is four... the correct number to do both sides of the bike.
I voted for the black spacers, but will go for the raw aluminum if you don’t get enough interest to warrant having a batch powder-coated. I personally prefer the look of the tapered socket head bolts.
Thanks for getting this moving. I’m looking forward to a significant brake upgrade on the FJ.

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Yuck, M10x1.25 is a bit of a weird one.. Mr. Metric didn't have anything in the socket cap variety.
Regarding the cheap GR5 Ti bolts, this application is not high stress relative to Ti. Even if the material isn't really GR5 it won't matter. We just want the weight savings.

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Hey Matt,
Please put me down for 2 pair of black spacers, and 4 bolts also black.
Like others, happy to go raw if not enough for painted stuff.
Bolt-wise, don’t even care much about style either.
This is great, thank you - I owe you some money anyway!

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I will take a set, raw or black, whatever the gang settles on.
Let me know whats decided and I will fire off the cash

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