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New English Tracer 900 rider living in Western France

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Hi - I'm Geoff and I've just bought a Mountain Green 2017 model at a good discount (apparently the colour wasn't popular - though I like it ). My dealer is Planete Yamaha in Rennes, Brittany .
I have been riding a XT1200z for the last 3.5 years and 55000km but I wanted a bike that was lighter and dare I say it , more fun !  The part exchange offer was irresistible....
So far I am mightily impressed (only 500km ) - the tractability of the engine is incredible - much better than my previous 1200 twin in fact. And for some reason the ergonomics of the Tracer fit me very well. I'm 6'6" with a long upper body and finding bikes that fit me (apart from large Adventure style) is difficult.
The orders have already gone out for a Givi topcase rack and removable pannier rack and for the MFW  Vario extended rear footpegs - what were they thinking ??!! I note the problem has been remedied to some extent on the 2018 model though but I don't think the rear footpeg bracket looks retrofittable 
So far the seat seems OK - that feeling might not last judging by comments on this forum but ... 
Also the standard screen gives me equal wind pressure on the chest area - I had a high V Stream screen on the SuperTen but it created such currents around my head as to negate the protective elements . i think wider at the bottom and a little higher sound about right but not so high that the wind is directed onto the helmet 
If any of you out there are my peculiar shape I'd been interested to hear screen experiences. 
Touring Germany in June after 1000km service so will report back further .
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Welcome to the forum and tracer ownership @geoff52. Nice to have a fellow Brit join, even though you live en France.
I’m 6’ 2 so nowhere near your height, but I do have a long torso. I found the OEM screen unbearable for turbulence and noise so have a Puig touring screen with a variable angle clip on the top. The difference is remarkable on the motorway and winter. In summer I swap it out for a very short ebay special and accept/enjoy the airflow onto my chest.

Red 2015 Tracer, UK spec (well, it was until I started messing with it...)

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Welcome Geoff,
I’m a fellow Btit living in the States but know Rennes and Brittany very very well. Small world I guess!
Now, I admit to being a FZ6 rider but am hoping to be a FJ 09 rider in the not too distant future.
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Thank you for your welcome . As you say a strangely small world. I've just been for a ride uu to Cancale . Empty roads mostly. Givi stuff arraived today - looks like an easy fit. I have a biggish box of Givi bits if I need them .
Seat still ok after 270 km - must be the extra padding on my backside ! Screen - I'll have a look at the options after a while. I've wasted a fair bit of cash over the years on various bikes trying to deflect the air . Most of them have resulted in turbulence around my head .
Dave - you won't be disappointed . It fair zips along (and I'm running it in) and you'll find yourself in 6th at 40mph as the engine is so smooth
More after Germany tour in early June
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