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Blood Falls


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The Blood Falls are in the Dry Valley's, Antarctica. Its about a 45 minute flight from McMurdo Station by Helicopter. I did not have the opportunity to set foot at the location but we did a fly by. I tell you its a bit wild to see all this red pop out suddenly in an area where the predominant color is white. Oh yeah, the Dry Valley's are the 2% of Antarctica that doesn't get snow and is the most like Mars on the planet. I have had ice harvested from the Taylor Glacier which is about 100,000 years old. That with 25 year old scotch makes for a might fine drink.
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And you didn't bring your bike to go for a ride?
Seriously, that place looks pretty cool, thanks for sharing.....
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yeah.. bring my bike would be great, but I don't think the US taxpayer would like it. It costs $13,000 to get me down there. I can't imagine what it'd cost to bring a bike. We also one time figured out what a gallon of gas would cost us down there if we had to buy it. $43 a gallon at McMurdo and $187 at the south pole station. A bit rich for my blood
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