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FYI, the FZ-09 Forum does not want u to post links to them

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I have been a member of a certain FZ-09 forum for over a year, because I own one of those fine bikes.
A couple of you have reported that if you post a link to this forum on the FZ09 forum, that it gets deleted. So, I sent them a PM and asked them to clarify, and I got my answer.
For some reason, they do not want you posting links to their forum here, and certainly do not want you to post links to this forum on the FZ-09 Forum.
I want to go on the record to say that I believe this to be petty and suppressive on their part, but I will of course honor their request.
So, please, do not post links to our threads when visiting the FZ-09 Forum. And please do not post links to their forum here.
You can, however, continue to post links to any other forum in the entire world here.
We here at FJ-09.org are not threatened by other forums and welcome your links.
I was gonna paste the PM communication between myself and the FZ-09 Forum admin, but they'd probably then threaten to sue. But I may post it at some point. Gotta see my Attorney tomorrow anyways and will ask if I am in danger.
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Guest eatpasta
thats pretty asinine and short sighted. You would think that nearly any site could benefit from another site's wisdom....especially based on the potential interchangeability of the two bikes.
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