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Did your FJ09 have tight valves at 26.6 mile/42km Service?

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54 minutes ago, Dark&Stormy said:

Quick question... kind of a head scratcher on my end. I changed the exhaust shims and after I rechecked the clearance I found I now have 0mm clearance on cyclinder 1 exhaust valves and left intake valve but cylinder 2 and 3 are right on target. Im guessing the problem is the shims did not stay seated when I installed the tappets? Any ideas??🤔

As long as you are measuring with the cam in the same position now as you did before, then yes. Or you made a math mistake or mixed up which shim came from where, or the bucket isn’t quite seated in the head correctly. 

If it were me, I’d pull the cam again and verify my work. Also wouldn’t hurt to have a look at the top of the valve stem once you have the bucket out and be sure the keepers are still in their correct (locked) position. A valve spring ready to push its way out of the head would cause a tight measurement as well. 


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