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Newbie from Bromley


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Hi guys n gals had my Tracer gt 10 days before it was nicked.....4 jours after the Tracker was fited!. Bike returned to me todsy, after a month off the road
Bloody love the thing! Such a change from my much loved Honda Highlander.
Been a Quo fan from birth and ride with The Tide Of Respect ( lead rider from cobham) gonna have a browse now and see whats happening hope to speak to you all soon.
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caught in the act too, as per the norm the police could do nothing.
Hi @quoman, welcome to the forum. I don’t understand your comment (above) though: If they caught the lowlife in the act, why could the police do nothing?

Red 2015 Tracer, UK spec (well, it was until I started messing with it...)

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