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"Must Have" add ons

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If you do sporty riding on curvy roads the weak suspension needs to be remedied. Replacing fork internals and rear shock is preferred but at least get proper springs. Stoltec Moto has them and no doubt there are other vendors. https://stoltecmoto.com/product-category/yamaha/fj-09/
Sounds like the suspension will need some attention. Cold here soon, so I'll spend some time trying to get it set up properly for me and then go from there. Still sounds like people don't like it much. It was the same on y "starter" bike, but honestly, I never found much wrong with it......  

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I did the shield first, and also added sidecases and a rack.
Then mirror extenders, a less wimpy horn and tail light, and rubber foot pegs.
If I had a 2015, I'd do the ECU flash. I have a later model so I just did a throttle tamer.

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for town commuting and some minor escapes you dont need to spend a lot of money for new upgraded suspension, just tweak yours. if you have some weight, front linear springs for your weight will help a lot.
about first upgrades, i would go for a honeycomb radiator grill protection (evotech tuning or yamaha which has side air panels vents and its the best for the temperature - tested).... front and rear fender extenders will be cheap and good to go (check powerbronze). heated grips are a good investment whatever are your riding habits and purpose of use.
in the link below its my setup, there are some upgrades if you want to check by yourself...

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