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Not cheap, that is true. No one is cross shopping a roadster to a Niken though....other than for for a topic of discussion. Price is always there, but if you want a Niken, you don’t buy an MT -09, or a convertible, or a Spyder, or anything else for that matter.

My thinking here is that it is a good value for the amazing engineering, and if someone can afford it, the price really isn’t part of the discussion. As I perceived the price for what it is to be fair, the price vs whatever wasn’t even a factor for me (not bragging or rich, it just didn’t play into the purchase decision), there was no comparison shopping, as there is nothing to compare it to, which in my opinion is a flawed way of looking at it in the extreme. There is likely very little cross-shopping (again, just my opinion). It’s one of a kind for now.

Bottom line, it’s unbelievably good for what it is, safer and very confidence inspiring. The wife loves it, which is a bonus too.


One thing that keeps getting overlooked, the ride quality is unreal, so smooth yet controlled it doesn’t even make sense.

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