Guys, you can paste facebook and other posts/vids/updates here.  Same way you do it when pasting youtube vids, and they auto embed. Even reddit posts.  Facebook, go to the post with the pic/video, click on the time/date located below.    On that page that opens, simply copy the url in your browser, then paste it into a post here on the forum. That facebook post will now auto embed in your post!  Like below   Now when someone waste's a helpful tech post where it will get lost and buried on facebook in two days, bring it here and put it in the tech tips section, where it will be seen by and help thousands of other tracer/FJ bowners for years.  Killer pics, funny bike vids.  Just do the above and share it here.  NOTE: private groups posts will not embed, only members of those groups can see those posts. 
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