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Phone mount suggestions

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Anyone have suggestions for a good phone mount? The Ram mount with the X-Grip seems popular, but I have the iPhone 6, which means the X-Grip either holds down the power button, or one the volume buttons, or all three. Kind of an unfortunate design. 
The the space between the handlebar risers seems like an ideal spot for a phone, but I haven't found a good handlebar mount that fits both the space and the iPhone 6. 
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have you looked at something like this waterproof mount that clamps to the bar? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/361198512116
It's a European vendor but I'm sure you can get similar in BC
Interesting. I don't like a case on my phone though, and don't need waterproof necessarily. Good addition to the list though.  
I found this at MEC, but it unfortunately doesn't quite fit the iPhone 6 (it comes with a handlebar mount, not pictured):
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Hello. I ordered an MT-09 and am still waiting for a delivery date, however on my current motorcycle I use a RAM mount with a box from Twisty Ride (twistyride.com). Good products in my opinion.
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