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World Member Map is now live! Drop your pin on da map!

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10 hours ago, piotrek said:

@Cruizin, the member pins/icons have gone all ghostly (white w/shadow).

Thanks for reporting that, updated and fixed! 

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As a minor suggestion, a section dedicated to discussion of the forum itself would be useful for these kinds of topics. I resorted to the search function to find this.

One observation for me - I cannot find the member map when looking at the forum on my Android phone with the Chrome browser. All of those menu items on the top of the screen in "desktop" browser mode I am unable to find in the mobile browser mode. Is there something different that should be enabled on the forum server side for mobile browsers?

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Does the member map still exist? can it be resurrected?

I haven't been able find it since the site update, which must have been a good year or two ago. 

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