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Knuckle Guard Led....

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The white running lights on the hand guards would be fine in the UK. I'm pretty sure flashing white lights are not allowed - these are only approved for emergency vehicles who use flashing headlamps in daylight as well as blue lights.
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No clue yet....I think it's custom....
The one who posted it is Korean....he makes a reference to a Korean site but that's it...
Came across this and decided to share it...so sorry for not having all the bits and pieces around it... :)
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I remember seeing this somewhere, but can't find it now! They're basically stick on LED decals with wires than hang off. Can put on any bike. From the pictures I remember seeing, they definitely look like a product that's stuck on, not integrated. They weren't ugly at all, but they weren't super clean either.
People wouldn't ask "woah, where did you get the LED handguards" they would say "Hey, nice, you stuck LED's on your handguards" :D
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