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Tracer 900 GT Front Brake Pads

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20 minutes ago, texscottyd said:

@chitown - Did you replace the brake lines yourself?   I have a set of Galfer steel lines sitting on the shelf, waiting for me to get brave enough to install them.   I’ve heard some horror stories about the process on the FJ, so would be interested in your experience and perspective.  

Yes, installed (Galfers) myself. Have done brake lines on several bikes. Didn't really think anything was horrible about it. 

ABS adds time and effort to the job, more to remove and put back, fiddling with routing etc. Otherwise not much different from any other brake line replacement. Might want to plan to do it in conjunction with other maintenance. IIRC the included instructions were b&w but on the Galfers site the pdf includes color photos of routing on the FJ-09. As always refreshments, shop manual, patience are helpful. 

Usually experience better feel after doing lines but it's subjective. Would still be worth it if not since once the rubber lines are out shouldn't have to do it again :) 

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Thanks @chitown - That makes me feel better, since my initial look at it didn’t appear to be too major of a job.   I’ve already done the 320mm rotor and HH pad conversion (big improvement), so fitting these lines is the last step in the brake upgrades.  I’ll tackle it on the next rainy day... 

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