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GPS Mount

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On 4/1/2020 at 10:55 AM, CSFENDER125 said:

Can anyone confirm the Part Number for this mount, I've found several...

1rc-234a0-10-00 or 11-00 <-- found that one on the .eu site, but they don't list it on US sites.

and theres a couple others i found yesterday that i can't find now for some reason.  they were on one of the yamaha.eu sites.

You can find the one for the Niken in about 2 minutes but they dont list one for the 900GT on the accessories site. You can also find them for the FZ and MTs too.

BD5-F34A0-V0-00 (NIKEN GT)

So, I confirmed with the local Yamaha dealership that for a '19-'20 Tracer GT, the correct part number is 1RC-234A0-11-00.  AND IT IS NOT AVAILABLE IN THE US FOR SOME REASON.  I pushed them to see if they could order it from overseas and that is a not an option apparently.

I looked around online for anyone selling IE Ebay Amazon Google searches, with no luck to anything available. It looks like I would have to reach out to a random dealership to purchase, and most sites I run across say something to the effect of... "closed for COVID-19"

If anyone has any ideas or knows of a place that could potentially get one, please post it up.  Obviously not a crisis situation...

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Here is the setup I use on my FJ 09, ram mount, Garmin 660, very please with it, Can draw a route on Google Maps and import it into the GPS, 




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