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Brosh is back 2nd year with special discount

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 Hi guys .We  are excited to be back this year as supporting vendors   -our second year at thus great  forum

Brosh  specialized in manufacturing Jackets and riding pants made of  Kevlar and Dry Fit materials.We also offering other accessories as well.

What has been changed at Brosh since last year : we improved the cargo and the Jeans ridnig  pants by adding option to add waist armors

We added custom made option   to insert Kevalr at your own pants especialy for those who need special sizes and cant find at the stores or just want to put |Kevlar on thier own pants 

To celebrate our joining the forum we are offering a special 10 % discount on Brosh products. The offer is valid until May 7 2019 . Please use coupon code "fj91"  Our most popular products are our kevlar riding pants  https://www.brosh.com/pants   and our our Optimal summer jacket  https://www.brosh.com/jackets

We had some good reviews from the forum members but they were unfortunately lost in the transfer to this new shape of forum -We  invite  members that wrote in the past to add their reviews if possible -thanks

see a video review after 4000 miles riding 


Looking forward to hearing from you 


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Boom! Guys, I really like Brosh's Kevlar jackets. Their reviews are really good and this discount really helps! 

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