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National Cycle V-Stream review for Tracer 900 GT

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Sometime back I posted that I was buying a National Cycle V-Stream wind screen for my Tracer 900 GT and that I would post my thoughts once I had it.  Well, that was quite awhile ago and I can no longer find the original post, so we'll start fresh here.

I ordered the V-Stream Mid-size (15% tint) screen shortly after the new product announcement in October, 2018.  It seems that National Cycle overhung the market by a fair bit.  It was late January before the product was actually available to ship.  I have received and installed it, and I am VERY pleased.  

The quality of build is first rate.  It's thicker (more sturdy) than the OEM screen.  It's slightly larger than the stock screen but has a very different profile.  National Cycle claims that their profile does a much better job of managing wind flow.  Having ridden with the screen for a couple of months now, I have to agree.  Buffeting is certainly reduced, and while you won't think you're sitting behind a Goldwing screen, the pocket of air around the head is much more composed (I am 5'7", so rider with different dimensions may have a different experience).  

This is my first National Cycle experience.  I don't hesitate to recommend the National Cycle V-Stream shield for the 2019 Tracer 900 GT.



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I just installed the same screen and agree with @bikerdup.  I am considering also trying the Touring size.  Going to first mock up the extra height and ride with that to understand how it would affect my field of vision full up and down.

I have had a number of National Cycle screens over the years and they are first rate.  They make many OEM screens for Harley, BMW, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Polaris, Yamaha and Triumph.


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