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Engine temperature

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mine seems to run about 159ish (F) .....on these cooler fall days...have had it go to 200 ish in town....

something to consider about Thermostats.... :

most of them usually only BEGIN to open at the Specified temp, and are NOT FULLY OPEN for 20-22 degrees F BEYOND

that, so....if you see it start to open at say 200 deg (F), it will not usually reach FULL FLOW until 220 ish.....

here's why that's important :

if it goes up to 220 and doesn't start coming back DOWN purty dang soon,  I would worry...at Full flow, it should cool almost no

matter the circumstances...that's if the fan comes on properly, of course....it may get up to 230 ish before it starts coming bak down, or at least stabilize thereabouts......I wouldn't think it should go very much beyond that at all.....

just something to ponder when it's dark and stormy and you can't ride in the sunshineys.....

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