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FJ-09 Carb documents means it IS COMING TO THE USA!!


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The California Air Resources Board today released executive orders on two Yamaha models: the FJ09FCGY and FJ09FCR. Both to be based on the current FZ-09 engine and chassis (MT-09 in Europe). 
In March of this year, MO’s resident sleuth, Dennis Chung, revealed Yamaha filed a trademark application for the FJ09 name. Then in August, Yamaha filed a trademark for the design of a new adventure-touring model which appears to be an FZ-09 with a headlight fairing, and windscreen, as seen in the photo above.
Although details at this moment are scarce, it’s a safe bet that one of the two model designations will be used for this adventure-touring model. We imagine the final version will retain the 17-inch wheels seen here, while having provisions for luggage. It may even share features with Yamaha’s sport-touring rig, the FJR1300, and come with options like cruise control and electronic suspension.
As for the second model designation, our best guess is a half-faired pseudo sport-tourer, perhaps vaguely similar in execution to the old FJ1000 or FJ600. If Yamaha does go this route and bring back a classic model designation for a new bike, it will get instant name recognition from fans of the old FJ-series. Meanwhile, Yamaha will simultaneously expand the model platforms for its 847cc three-cylinder from one bike to three. Considering one of the FZ-09′s major selling points is its affordability, we would expect the FJ09 series of models to also undercut their competition in the price wars.
More details to come as they’re announced.
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With the FZ-07 it was only about a month or so. I guessing that it will be shown at next months big show in Florida! Just a guess. It's coming soon though!
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I am sure that it at least has a different fuel map, and that would require Carb testing. Or, it could be that they require testing for every vehicle no matter the engine. It's California, afterall.
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