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Tracer 900 GT Model Designation Meaning?

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Whipped out the owner's manual to take a peek at my periodic maintenance schedule today, and paused to admire the cover.  I saw that the model designation for our bike is:



So I think I can decipher most of it.  The MT-09 is based on the same platform as this bike, thus the MT prefix.  Then we have T9GT, for Tracer 900 GT.  Then I get lost.  Any idea what the K is for?  Then we have the C, which appears to be "optional" (?).

Any idea what the K and C mean in the model designation?  Mainly I'm curious for no particular reason, whether my bike is an MTT9GTK or an MTT9GTKC.

Though now I think of it, a T9GT decal might look quite handsome in place of the "goo GT" that some of us love and some hate... 😂

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Posted (edited)

I'm guessing K is 2019, C is California model. They are both Bs as that's the only US color. 

Here are the fiches listed for a US Yamaha parts reseller.



If we look at the 2015 FJ-09 US fiche listing it will help show the pattern

FJ09 (FJ09FGY)
FJ09 (FJ09FR)

Since the early 80s VINs have a designated place for model year. F was 2015, K is 2019 and that matches what we see above. You can find the full listing on vin decoding sites.

In the case of the FJ-09 there were red and gray, for R or GY. The CA models have the extra C.

Haven't scrutinized the FJ but on prior year Yamahas the Cali vs 49 state was a matter of a charcoal canister, extra vent nipple on fuel tank, extra vent hose for those items, and a sticker. They weigh a little bit extra with those additions so you'll usually see the difference called out in places Yamaha specifies the weight.   

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Posted (edited)

In past, a C on the end of the model designated California model. 

This was in the 90's when California had more stringent emission regulations than the rest of the US. 

Probably unrelated to the current Tracer. 



Edit. Chitown beat me to it, I guess California models are still a thing. 

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