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New Rear Tire Time!

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On 8/21/2019 at 9:26 AM, nhchris said:

On a recent tire change I reinstalled the rear wheel and tightened the nut using my 3/4 breaker bar till it felt "properly" tight.

I doubt I hit 111 foot pounds (which I think is excessive, especially for a dual-sided swing arm.)

The wrench in the link above is 1/2 drive. A bit small for 100 lb plus torquing?

A 1/2 inch drive is not at all too small for this torque value.  This particular wrench is rated up to 150 foot pounds.

Torque values are often based on the size, metallurgy and application of the fastener.  Like others I am a bit skeptical of such a high torque value for the rear axle nut.  Normally fasteners of a particular type and application will have a range that is acceptable which includes a target value.  For example, a fastener with a target value of 75 foot pounds might be written as 75.0, +/- 7.0 foot pounds, which provides a range of 68 to 82 foot pounds as acceptable.  In this example the tolerance is about 10% either side of the target value.  I torqued my rear axle nut at about 100 foot pounds and called it good.

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So far I have used D222 (9000km both front and rear), Road Attack 3 (11000km front, 6000km rear + 5000km rear but with 1500-2000km of use left when replaced), Angel GT II (10000km front and still running, 9000 kms rear to the cords) and I put an Angel GT old version now in the rear which has ~500km. 


RoadAttack 3 are great tyres, very agile and plenty of grip, but my personal preference are the Angel GT II. Plenty of feedback, tons of rear tyre grip, perfect trajetories and good aging and milleage as compared to the RA3. It will be my preferred tyre moving forward in the 900GT

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