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Traxxion suspension is ready for our bike!!


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I'll be picking up the test mule on Monday!! Can't wait!
Good job Francis. 322345006.jpg 
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I've had the AK-20 fork cartridges and Penske rear shock installed for about a week and after several rides I am very pleased. Stability and predictability in cornering is greatly improved. When you order the package from Traxxion Dynamics, Dan asks for your weight and riding style so that the proper configuration in the system can be made. The customer service was excellent. 
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still working on the ride report, as delivered, the AK20 cartridges and the Penske shock were both overly valved and the forks spring were oversprung and the shock spring undersprung. I have not changed the valving but have been swapping out springs. Again as delivered, I received 1.0kg fork springs and the rear shock was a 650lb. At this stage, I have now installed .90kg for springs and a 700lb rear shock spring. I am 5' 10" 210lbs. solo I have finally been able to have a compliant suspension although the compression and the rebound on both the forks and shock are on the soft side of the adjustment range, solo w/bags is also compliant within the range. I will try the 675lb spring here soon, (so damn hot in the garage here in Phoenix).
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