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Tracer 900 Chain hub problem?

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I bought a brand new Tracer 900 a couple of days ago.

I noticed, when leaving the dealer, that i felt a bit "rough" sort of grindy from the back wheel area, no noise.

My first thought was that it must be because the chain and sprockets was new and it needed to broken in.

Today i noticed something at the chain hub, that i dont think look right?

What do you think?

Is this normal for at Tracer 900?


The dealer is unfortunately closed today.



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Take a picture of the part that concerns you. 

The sound quality isn’t amazing, but it sounds normal to me. Without hearing it in person, it’s hard to say.

a video recording such that you made also isn’t accurate of how the bike goes down the road. You are running the engine in a gear but NOT under load.  you’d need to get a video while riding or on a dyno, etc to accurately evaluate the sounds.  

Ratching/clacking/juddering/clicking noises from the drivetrain when the bike is elevated and you’re spinning the tire in the air are going to be worsened when not under load. 

Some drivetrain sound is normal from any chain driven bike.  

Your chain looks too tight. Set it to around 40 mm of free play on the center stand, and check it when on the ground and seated on the bike to be sure you have at least 5-10mm when seated. (YMMV, I don’t know what year or model your bike is...). Ride it some more, don’t sweat it and check in when the dealer is open and you can have a person that’s familiar with these models evaluate it.



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Look at the :23 mark of the video and then :48 mark. Watch the hub compared to the swingarm....it's out of round! Something is AMISS and it probably has to do with the setup and assembly. 

Piedmont of NC
'15 FJ-09
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@clint I do see what you are talking about... however the chain running on the rear sprocket is nice and even as it rotates. 

Tire/rim assemblies are installed by the factory, NOT by the setup person at the dealer. Dealer sets tire pressures and check chain tension and wheel torque. 


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