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Loud (valve?) ticking when cold

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this is my first post here, but I picked up a 2015 FJ-09 back in August with 11,500 miles on it. Didn't get to ride a ton last year but really love the bike. Anyway, earlier this season I fired the bike up to go to work like normal, and heard a loud ticking noise which sounds like valves that the bike had not made previously. I first assumed this was the CCT noise everyone talks about, so I ordered and installed the APE manual CCT everyone raves about. I called Yamaha and my bike has had the CCT recall performed back in 2017.This definitely quieted what was CCT noise (separate issue), but this loud ticking persists. I'm paranoid about the CCT installation even though it made the noise with the factory CCT. I did everything by the book, put the engine at TDC, held tension on the guide, made sure nothing got in, etc. I'm probably just overthinking this part of it. Everywhere says if it's too tight it'll whine, too loose it will rattle. Well these bikes are loud and make lots of noises, but it was significantly quieter after the APE CCT so I think I'm good in that regard. I think not having CCT noise makes this other noise more prominent. Anyway, it's quite loud when the bike is first fired up, and mostly noticeable when slowing down in gear. Funny thing is it goes away almost entirely once the bike hits about 155deg indicated on the dash. Starts to quiet down at about 125ish. Is this normal? should I check my valve clearances? the bike seems to run normally and is not down on power or anything, just noisy. Thanks in advance!

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