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11th Annual Moonshine Lunch Run


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Wondering if any FJ-09 owners are planning on attending this event?  April 11, 2015 in Moonshine, IL.  My daughter and I have attended for the last 7 years.  A true motorcycling destination!  As the founder, Terry Hammond said "If you don't make it to Moonshine,,, you ain't a Motorcycle Rider,,, you're just a Motorcycle Owner!!!"  Hope to see you there!
Lots more info here: http://moonshine-run.com/Moonshine/
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My wife and I were there but i was on a DRZ400 and she was on an XT225 because of the recall delaying the delivery of my sweet new FJ-09.  I don't remember seeing any FJ-09's there though.  Did you make it.  Where are you located?
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