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Reinforced WIndshield Bracket for Sale

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Hello Everyone,

For sale: OEM FJ09 Windscreen Bracket with extra gussets welded to frame to prevent failure from tall wind screen use. $90 Shipped to lower 48.

I had my OEM windshield bracket fail on my 2015 FJ09 (see this thread for pictures and description: https://www.tracer900.net/topic/4887-national-cycle-tall-windscreen-broke-yam-bracket/ ) 

I ordered a new bracket and welded a gusset on each side, to prevent this failure from ever happening again. However, I sold the bike before I could get the bracket on. It's ready to go and recommended for anyone using a tall windscreen. The height adjustment slot is not affected, nor is any of the function of the bracket.

PN: 2PP-28356-00-00

Let me know if you have any questions






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