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BMW owners probably don't like this vid very much

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That video was very tongue and cheek funny. I actually think the Ducati crowd is worse. A guy at work will only ride Ducati's and gets really defensive when I ask him if he adjusts his valves every oil change. Went riding once and stopped in Pine Mountain for Iced Tea and gas (one to drink, and the other, well you know) and a guy on a Ducati comes flying up and immediately takes off his seat on his Ducati. So, being the smarta$$ that I am, I asked him if it was time for a valve adjustment. He didn't find that funny. p3rry_zpsjpvxnqqr.gif
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I ride a GS. True that. Guy forgot to mention the Beemer Groupies though. What's funny is the guy and girl approaches. He would like to have one, but She won't let him. The guy will be looking over my bike, while she is looking over me. I always wondered what would change if I just took those blue and white stickers off the bike.
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LOL... too true. Had to send that to my BMW buddies.
Funny thing is I've not really noticed any snobbery at the BMW rallies I've been going to for years. Except for a few years that I rode an R1100RS, I was always an infidel among the BMW faithful! 8-)
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