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How many BB's does it take

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OK....so, I saw somewhere on a forum that filling the handlebars with BB's will help eliminate vibration. I really don't feel like vibration is an issue except on the highway when it becomes difficult to see things clearly in the mirrors...mostly police but other stuff too. So I went over to Tractor Supply and the immediate questions was to buy the 2400 count or the 6000 count. I was thinking this should be a contest to guess but I don't have any prizes and I'm not going to count em. I do have a pretty good idea how many but I let you all guess. 

Ultimately after doing the BB install, they didn't really help much. I'm gonna leave them in though in the hope that someday when I sell the bike, the new owner will need to take the bar end off and get a big surprise.

Finally, I had my GF help "install" the BB's and she spilled a bunch and damn if they aren't hard as hell to pick up in your driveway. Fortunately I have one of those harbor freight magnet on wheels things. I was scared shitless of walking out the back door and sliding around on BB's.

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