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Yoshimura Tail Tidy

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I’d been scouring the interwebz for weeks, looking for a tail tidy that was available in the US. Yoshimura has come out with one that fits both the FZ and FJ, so I ordered one. A few comments, not covered in the directions:
• Yoshimura ships FedEx from South California, and the driver will not leave the package, even if you sign the door tag. This is a total pita, it would have been literally faster for me to go to their warehouse and pick it up.
• Directions say you need to take the side covers off the back, but the only things removeable are the grab handles, which is unnecessary. There’s also some blah blah about removing the latch cover for the seat key, but that must be FZ comments, you don’t go anywhere near the FJ’s seat lock.
• Getting the stock signal/taillight wires free, it makes it easier if you unbolt the plate that the seat latches onto, and move it out of the way, but you don’t have to.
• The stock signals come out of the stock tail unit by squeezing the rubber mounts at the narrower end and pushing them through the hole. This will make sense as soon as you look at them. I didn’t realize this until I had completely disassembled the stock tail. You don’t have to do that.
• The signals can go on either side, no need to keep track of which is which. One has a gray end and one has a black one, which match the harnesses coming off the bike, but if you mix them up, just swap them.
• Install could not possibly have been easier. 15 minutes to take the old unit off; 15 minutes to put the new one in, taking my time. I’m not wild about re-using the clunky looking stock signals, but the brackets are pre-drilled for the aforementioned rubber mounts, it would take some serious washer-ing and shimming to get something smaller to fit.
• $155 delivered.
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I bought this before they advertised it for the FJ. I bet they didn't update the instructions at all. Still FZ instructions, they just know it fits the FJ too now.
I liked that you don't need to attach the brackets for turn signals. I don't mount mine to the tail tidy, so it makes it look even cleaner with no signal brackets.
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