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SixS Carbon Boxers With Butt-Patch

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I decided to order a pair of these before my four day trip this last week. I will be buying another pair for sure. The shorts by themselves are not the ultimate solution to staying comfortable indefinitly on the stock seat, but they made a noticeable difference, especially in combination with my sheepskin pad on day one, which was almost 600 miles in the saddle, with minimal breaks just for gas basically. They do a really good job keeping you dry as well in hot weather which is a bonus. As they are European I was warned their sizes are smaller. I am 6'4' and 235lbs and 2xl fit perfectly. 

Here is a link to their page. I ordered mine from Fortnine (Canadian outfit).

The SIXS boxer shorts with butt-patch are ideal for training and...

On a sidenote, I am disappointed with the customer service at Moto-Skiveez. I was going to order a pair from them as well so I could compare as they have good reviews as well. They only offer one shipping method, but does not say what it is, only the cost (on the page where you would pay and confirm your order). By the time I discovered their products I was only a few days from leaving, so I emailed asking about shipping method and offered to pay more for express shipping if possible. I sent another email at a later date, and I have yet to receive an answer to either. I also left a polite voicemail with my question and they never called back. I guess they don't need anymore customers.

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On 9/2/2019 at 6:32 AM, getpetey said:

Hmmmm, might have to give these a whirl!

I am happy with them. The padding is light and does not cover an area much bigger than bicycle shorts would, but must hit the pressure points because I don't find myself squirming in my seat like I normally would after an extended period of riding. That said, I am not suggesting they are God's gift towards rider comfort, but they work for me.

Worth adding, is that the day after my 600 mile ride there was absolutely zero symptoms of having spent 8 hours plus in the saddle the day before.

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