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Wiring question for anyone with a manual


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Anyone know what wire in harness is the system ground? Looking to wire in some running lights. Know what it is on Suzukis but not Yamaha.
I need a little more information to help you. There are tons of wiring harnesses. Please pick a circuit, tell me what color wires are in there, and I will help identify the ground.  
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There are 2 blank grey colored plugs under the windshield and windshield cover...  
Do you need to use a connector to get the power, can you just push a 12 gaugue wire in there and tape it on tight?
Or buy this and maybe it will fit?

2 pin MT .090 - 2.3mm Male and Female locking connector
Male half only
Male MT090-2
$3.15 each
Appreciate any direction here...

FWIW - I cut the grey terminals off and simply soldered new leads onto the cut wires, then put a short length of heat-shrink tube over each joint. This powered my two (2) front conspicuity hi-viz LEDs.

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