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FJ09 and Tracer900 iphone and Samsung phone cases!

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All proceeds go towards the cost of hosting and running tis forum as well as future upgrades. (yes these are paid for by me) so please check out the latest items in our store and order up some sweet stuff!  And be sure to come back and post some pics when they arrive! 

Most iphone models are available for cases, in White Blue or Black.   Samsung models are available in White and Black. 

Both Tracer 900 and iphone versions are available.  Tracer900 GT designs coming this winter. 

A few of the cases below. 




Click on "Store" at the top of the forum or order from this link 


This is the Tracer900.net forum store! Support your favorite bike forum and...


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I like the Statue of Liberty on the case for what she represents, and the story of France gifting it to us. We should indeed be welcoming to the tired, the poor and the forsaken. What is the texture of the case? Slick? Rough? 

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