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2 and a 1/2 days and Counting!!!!


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So.......who else was silly enough to buy their new FJ in early February and is impatiently waiting to pick it up and start riding?    Luckily I am down to 2 and 1/2 days and counting.    Pickup day is Saturday March 28th.    Weather is supposed to be 16 degrees C and sunny.   Can't wait!!
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deerSlayer picked up his something like 6 weeks ago and it's been sitting in his garage waiting for the snow and ice to clear. I would have gone insane. I've only known I'd be able to buy mine at the end of the month for about a week (previously I thought it would be more likely in late April or sometime in May) and I'm already going crazy waiting for Tuesday.
I bought the first farkles for it today, a couple of driving lights.
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I didn't buy mine in February and leave it sitting in the garage waiting for decent weather.  It was January.  And I'm still waiting......  =(
Mine's been in my garage since January 15. I haven't even ever started it! Garage queen!!
If the weather forecast is to be believed, it will be +5 C this Sunday.....
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I took delivery Jan 26th. It has been tough, but I got busy with a cutoff wheel and welder, LOL! Modded the stock exhaust and rear fender/plate/signal mount.
I did a bit of break-in riding on a dyno and have been on a few super short rides around the rural "block". It keeps the cravings at bay a little bit better. So what if its single digits....worth it.
2015 Matte Grey
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