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Rider from Aus.

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Gday, bit about myself..
Been road riding since 2009, have owned various sizes and configurations of bikes.
To earn a dollar I am a apprentice chef in a high end restaurant in Sydney (lucky break for me) and a Hyosung/STMotor techy.
I did own a 2015 Street Triple R, until a (wealthy) soccermum decided to make me a hood ornament and paid me off to keep it from hitting social media.
Now I have a 2015 FJ/MT09 Tracer, first plan of action is some Racetech internals for the forks and hopefully have a robust bashplate made up.
Cheers for the add.
Here be my Tracey.t7QUlbu.jpg
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Guest lawrenceofsuburbia
Welcome, although you have the slow red model... :D
Yes - nice pic. Down Here we have no blue: only red or Fifty Shades of Grey (Gray).
L of S
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