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KLIM Switchback Cargo Pants & Induction Gloves, Rev'it Athos Air High-vis Vest

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I've developed a medical issue that is ending my riding career. 😭😡 To that end, I'd love for all of my gear (most of it only a few months old) should go to someone who can enjoy it more than I can so that it will not go to waste sitting in the closet. I'd love to sell all of it to one person, but understand that that might not be the case. I am in NO RUSH to sell this, and I'm offering an amazing deal on some nearly new gear. Please consider that before lowballing me. PM me if you have any questions.

Payment via PayPal, shipping anywhere CONUS; Buyer pays shipping.


KLIM Switchback Cargo Pants, Brown 38 Tall - $200

Summer pants, solid and comfortable. They seriously feel like you're wearing a pair of cargo pants. Good venting, normal jeans style pockets up top, cargo pockets on the legs, solid construction. I loved these pants for summer, totally comfortable to walk around all day in. Legs are wide enough to fit comfortably over boots. Received May 2019, only worn until the end of July, 3-4 days a week commuting. Like new condition.




KLIM Induction Gloves, Brown 3XL - $80

Best, and most comfortable gloves I've ever worn for motorcycling. The stitching on the outside for the fingers is a complete game changer. Received May 2019, only worn until the end of July, 3-4 days a week commuting. Like new condition.




Rev'It Athos Air High-vis Vest - $30

Same as the above - Bought for summer commuting, only worn a few times. Received May 2019, only worn until the end of July, 1-2 days a week commuting (didn't wear the vest more than 15 times). Like new condition.



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