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Rox Risers Question


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Just ordered a set of Motopump risers.  They don't have quite the reach of the Helibars, but they are $69.95 on their website and $59.95 if you're on the ADV Riders forum.  They're 25mm (about 1 inch) up and 20mm back (about 3/4 inch).  I thought these might be a bit safer as Helibars talk about turning the banjo fitting to work.  No issue doing that but apparently don't have to do that with the Motopump.

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Instead I went to the Renthal Street Naked handlebars; increased rise, setback and sweep.  Nice...  Actually I first tried lower bars with more sweep for more weight on the front but my sciatica said "No you don't!"  I already had Spiegler brake lines which posed no problem with the taller more swept bars other than rotating the master cylinder banjo; though I have a 2014 R1 Brembo master to match the R1 320 mm rotors (HH+ pads are a must regardless).










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