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Hello from sunny San Diiego????


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How's it going guys, hope to learn a lot here. I've been riding a 2010 Kawasaki Versys 650 for the last two years now and just love the crap out of that bike. All I have done is ride that thing in our local canyons and mountains taken it to the track twice, so fun on the track. Didn't think I would care for owning any other motorcycle for quite a while. Now I'm infatuated with the fj and thinking of selling my versys for one. Hope to find someone else that has loved and upgraded from their versys to the fj. Like to hear what they think of fj.
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I think a number of people will follow owning a 650cc BMW/Versys/Vstrom with the FJ/Tracer - certainly quite a few coming out on here so far. The natural path used to be onto a R-GS, KTM, Tiger or Super Tenere but they are so expensive when compared to the FJ/Tracer, and 60kg heavier
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