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A little civil disobedience

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Did the Lake Okeechobee circumnavigation. 

Not sure why Google maps says 300 miles 🤔 








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"It doesn't matter who walks in, you know the joke is still the same"  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. USA

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Same here, civil disobedience that is. Still on lock down here in Louisiana even though I haven't missed a day of work since this started. Glad to know it's working out to be not as bad as first thought. That 2.2 million number was stout! Luckily models seem to be off by a bit historically. There still hasn't been a model for climate change that has been close to right either, thankfully. I hadn't ridden the bike since last September when we had our last meet in Mountain Home, AR to ride Push Mountain and the Little Dragon just to name a few of the roads. Found a great road, Hwy 125 by Peel's Ferry, AR. That road is excellent. Wore my front to no tread in spots, glad I put it on the trailer for this meet, last of 2019. I got a little disappointed in the bike after a year of riding and it still being a struggle to use the engine braking I'm used to on carb'ed bikes. I guess that's the difference. I have always used engine braking at high RPMs through the corners to adjust my speed through the corners. This bike doesn't have that and I had to use brakes in the corner also. Not sure if it's teaching an old dog new tricks, I'm 60 or just not catching the hang of it. Anyhow it has lead to a bit of not caring to ride the bike. Gonna give it another try this riding season and we'll see if I get it or sell the bike and find something else that works for my riding style. So anyhow, put on new tires last of February and a new chain shortly there after. Rode the bike 48 miles around the lake I live on after both additions for a total of 96 miles for the last 8 months. Then I finally got out day before yesterday for 1 of my routes into the country. I live 30 miles out of town and usually go even further out to ride, less cars and Po-Po, saw 1 off in the distance on this ride. 75 clipped it down to 60 in a 55 right quick. Waved as we passed. Went about 125 miles this time. Went by where they turned Bonnie and Clyde into swiss cheese and took a pic......or it didn't happen, LOL! Going out again this weekend, probably both days. We have a meet in the Ozarks in Arkansas last of the month and want to feel comfortable on the bike for the twisties. Might be test riding a Ninja 1000 but first have to check on insurance for it. Then it has to have some decent engine braking to make the grade. IMG_8792.thumb.JPG.3fdb7ba2edf0fbffab74dc3c3c74701a.JPGIMG_8791.thumb.JPG.505a5d7baa5919ed0cc544de793ef0ec.JPGIMG_8793.thumb.JPG.3701a7d847b8cc3462d6c185859d7692.JPG 

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Ain't no fun when the rabbit gets the gun!

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