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3 pc lockset wont fit 39L case

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I just picked up my 39 liter top case and a 3 pc lock set for my new tracer gt. When I got the bike a few weeks ago, the lock set that was supposed to come with the bike was missing. So as i was also ordering a Yamaha top case and rack I asked the dealer to get me a 3pc lock set so I would use 2 locls for the side cases and the third for the new top case. Well I installed the two side case locks and things went smoothly, the locks work the way they should. However, the third lock will not work with the topcase at all. It seems that there is an inherent design characteristic that prevents the key from being removed from this lockset only when the  case is unlocked and it should be the other way around. Has anyone else here on the forum experienced the mismatch of case and lock set? Any ideas or thoughts are appreciated.

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You are correct, the 3 piece lock kit will not fit the Yamaha top cases, and the bike doesn't come with an extra lock for a top case. I bought the single key operation lock set 59c-281c0-00-00

This is a lock that comes with various tumblers so you can 'set' the lock to accept your ignition key. The job is a bit finicky with small parts and springs and some careful measuring required but works well in the end. A locksmith would certainly be able to set it for you. 

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2019 Tracer GT,  Ontario, Canada

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