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Looking for rides in the Waco & San Antonio area

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A friend & I will be in those areas 6/22-7/5. Looking for suggestions for good roads in the area. I know about the twisted sisters but that's it. Also any other points of interest would be appreciated.

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Hey there @bamarider - I hope you enjoy your time in Texas.    I don't have much to offer around Waco, as I've only passed through there on the interstate, and haven't had the opportunity to do any exploring on the bike for entertaining roads.   There MIGHT be some fun stuff nearby, but it's not exactly known as a prime riding area in Texas. 

Just west of San Antonio, however, is the gold mine of the Texas Hill Country.  Basically from Kerrville to Bandera, and then west is where it gets really entertaining.  The combination of 337, 336, and 335 is pretty famous (aka: The Twisted Sisters you referred to), with the best part arguably being the stretch of 337 between Vanderpool - Leakey - Camp Wood.  Stop at the Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop in Leakey for a good burger and an entertaining gift shop.  

The downside of the 337-336-335 loop is that EVERYBODY knows about it, kind of like US 129 Tail of the Dragon.   In the Hill Country, I would also check out some of the other roads in the area:

- 16 from Kerrville to Bandera is very fun, with a nice mix of tight stuff over the mountain, plus longer flowing sweepers.  Breakfast at the OST in Bandera has been a tradition for 30+ years for me.  Bandera is a cute little cowboy town, and worth taking a break to wander around for a few minutes.   

- 470 out through Tarpley and Utopia is a nice ride, and connects back up towards the the sisters via a couple of options (187 or 1050)

- 39 up through Hunt,  along the Guadalupe River's South Fork, is a ride I've always enjoyed, and it brings you back into civilization by connecting into Kerrville from the west.  If you go this route, stop at the Stonehenge replica in Ingram...  it's a bit cheesy, but fun.  

Good luck, and enjoy your time here!   I wish I could join you, but doesn't look like I'll be back out to the Hill County until the fall.


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