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Whose up for some rides...

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I live in the Bay Area of California.Being retired, I do alot of day rides, short ones and long ones. Looking for others that want to day  rides.

Here is a idea of the roads I ride: 84, 9, Page Mill, Moody, 35, Stage Road, Pescadaro, Gazo Creek, Jamesion Creek, Mines, Del Porte, 130, 25, 1, and a few more.

I"m planing a Pass Ride in the Sierra real soon like this week or next . The route is 108, 395,89,4 ....a good 450 mile day. I did it last year and the GT was made for these types of roads.

So, anyone thats up for some rides....post up.

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What a great loop! I'm up in Chico, so when I do that I stretch it out over a two day ride and bag a couple more passes.  Put up a RR when you're done. I'm interested in how the passes are with more people vacationing closer to home this year. 

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There are some great roads up there. Many years ago, I did a 36, 1,299,96, 3 loop. Its on my list to do sometime this summer.

If do the Three pass ride, it will be during the week. Im guessing not much traffic then, and besides its easy to get around traffic.......what double yellow....

Just got fresh rubber and gonna do a shake down ride, then pick the day to go.

Be nice if some other Tracer owners would join in. It a long day time wise..but when I did it last year on my GT, the seat time was nothing. I didnt feel as if Id been on a 400 mile ride. The bike was made for these kinda roads....

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Heres a snap of a portion of Mines road heading out to the Junction....a eatery out in nowhere, but some interesting roads to get there



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