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Shark Evo One 2

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Hey All.

 Been riding around with the Shark Evo one 2 for a little over a month now and i gotta say, this is probably the best of both worlds in terms of full face, 3/4



Separate visor sheild and chinebar

Chin bar flips back and fourth with relative ease, ive had a few hiccups and one major fail but overall its very user friendly

Internal sun visor covers well and its deployment mechanism is better than what ive dealt with in the past (Nolan N44)

Glasses friendly. Never have i had a helmet that doesnt squeez my glasses at the temple. that being said it doesnt feel too loose either.


Chin flap has a great deploy mechanism but sometimes has a mind of its own and doesnt like to cooperate with my beard

Breathability could be better in full face mode.

shield visor feels a bit flimsy opening and requires too much effort to change/ add pinlock visor


Overall i think this is the perfect compliment to the Tracer. Ive left it in 3/4 mode on the highway with the shield down and it feels great. Would deffinitely reccomend to anyone on the fence about modulars. I hope shark devolops this helmet further.

What helmet do you rock and is it what you want out of it?

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Price wise to my budget, tested it and its kinda heavy for me , no other helmet to compare as walk into a dealer which sells all shark helmet, given at that time was riding a Triump Bonneville, got the Shark NANO instead. with the Tracer Gt now, definitely going to put more mileage and started to look at modular.

I once had a MT ATOM modular when was riding a Harley Street, when slow, i open up, as was getting into the highway, i try to close it and to my horror, idiot helmet was stuck in between blocking my vision, i keep pressing down, it just wont go down, luckily there were no incoming cars, finally instead i lifted it back up again. As i discovered after coming back home, when open, my cheek is press against the helmet which it should be and not too loose. And due to the expansion on the side cheek of the helmet, it unable to close smoothly which teach me a lesson to close or open before any fast riding. 

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