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Pillar Point

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Tuesday, I went with James (jtvisions) over the other direction to the Olympic Peninsula.  (BTW, we met solely because he filled in his location in his profile.  Without that info...we'd never have enjoyed the many rides we've taken together.)
The route took us up north to Deception Pass.
Deception Pass is a dramatic seascape where the tidal flow and whirlpools beneath the twin bridges connecting Fidalgo Island to Whidbey Island move quickly. During ebb and flood tide current speed reaches about 8 knots (9.2 mph), flowing in opposite directions between ebb and flood.[7] This swift current can lead to standing waves, large whirlpools, and roiling eddies. This swift current phenomenon can be viewed from the twin bridges' pedestrian walkways or from the trail leading below the larger south bridge from the parking lot on the Whidbey Island side. Boats can be seen waiting on either side of the pass for the current to stop or change direction before going through. Thrill-seeking kayakers go there during large tide changes to surf the standing waves and brave the class 2 and 3 rapid conditions.
The way out was beautiful open pastures with mountains for a backdrop.
On the Coupeville ferry.
Almost out to Pillar Point.
At Pillar Point.
On the way home.
At Lake Crescent.
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That looks like a great ride, with some beautiful scenery. You sure are blessed.

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19 minutes ago, daboo said:
Tuesday, I went with James (jtvisions) over the other direction to the Olympic Peninsula.

Thanks for the photos, we sure do live in a beautiful part of the country. 

Last week I drove on 112 up past Sekiu to Neah Bay... only to find that the entire region is closed due to Covid.  Road was blocked just before Neah Bay with no access, locals only, no outdoor recreation and no hiking out to Cape Flattery.  It was almost 4.5 hour drive up there only to be told to turn around and go back...    Oh well, it was a beautiful day out on the Olympic Peninsula.

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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Lovely area. I rode most of those roads a couple of years ago. At the time there were massive wildfires all over Oregon and Washington so the sky was brownish grey everywhere. I elected to shoot the trip in B&W. This was Deception Pass; you can see how turbulent the water was.


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wow looks like an amazing loop.

Thanks for sharing

2015 red FJ-09 / touring bags / oil plug mod

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