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18 hours ago, BBB said:

So far, the only tool I’ve had to use on the road was a spanner to tighten the mirrors when they came loose and folded in.

Do you have a picture / part identifier for the tool?

2019 Niken GT
First time Yamaha owner - BUSA!

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On 9/9/2020 at 3:36 PM, betoney said:

In a crazy, futuristic kind of way, that is actually pretty cool looking.  I hope it actually comes to production.

The concept is VERY impressive, some of these photos at the bottom of the page detail more features.


– NEW 2020 / 2021 Honda Motorcycles: More NEOWING Patent...


If Honda built this and sold it, it'd be the closest thing I'd have to recreating a childhood scene from the movie Akira. I would have seriously considered this if it was available. 


just clicked on the link above and read the following: 

"NEOWING is an unprecedented three-wheeled vehicle that offers the cornering feel and sporty ride equivalent to a large-sized motorcycle while realizing excellent stability in low-speed ranges. This vehicle is equipped with a hybrid system that combines a horizontally-opposed 4-cylinder engine and electric motors to generate plentiful torque for powerful acceleration. With the adoption of an original Honda linkage mechanism on its front wheel, this concept model proposes new values with advanced styling that emphasizes the mechanical fascination of a two-wheeled motorcycle model."

Hybrid system on a motorcycle? if they slapped the Goldwing engine in here i'd be sold. The fact that it would be a hybrid system, very interested in what real world range would be on a single tank. 


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2019 Niken GT
First time Yamaha owner - BUSA!

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