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Givi top case install diary

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Thought I'd do a public service announcement by documenting what it takes to install a topcase on a 2019 Niken GT. I researched between the Yamaha top case and the Givi monokey topcase and decided on the Givi in case I decide to swap with Givi hard panniers in the future  and want to use a single key. 

I called up Givi USA here in Charlotte, NC to confirm part number for the section that needs to be attached to the tail and Givi USA confirmed that the appropriate part was SR2144. Although I found an online reference to SR2143 which appears to be an older version for 2018 Niken(???).  Wasn't sure about compatibility so I stuck with Givi recommendation. 

At the time of writing, could not find this part anywhere in the US. For some reason it was sold out everywhere. I had to order it from Carpi Moto in Genoa Italy to ship via DHL to me. Delivery speed was amazing given that I placed the order on a Thursday and it arrived the following Monday. I fully expected pandemic to delay it considerably more and was pleasantly surprised at delivery speed. 

Next up, base plate and top case. 







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2019 Niken GT
First time Yamaha owner - BUSA!

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Received Givi V47 Monokey top case, Top case back rest and base plate in the mail today from Revzilla. Only problem is the metal base plate (M9) does not allow for the installation of LED lights, have to order the plastic M5 for monokey (NOT the M5m) so you can run LED lights. Quick call to customer service to update their product recommendation for this kind of combination and a free return authorization, and placed a new order for the M5 plate. 









2019 Niken GT
First time Yamaha owner - BUSA!

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Givi LED installation notes:

1. Screws retaining the stock lighting reflectors require super small Phillips head screwdrivers and are torqued so tight I was afraid I'd strip the heads during removal. A little bit of WD40 helped immensely and the stuck bolts came right out. 

2. Cannot believe how small a flathead screwdriver (think watch screwdriver small) you have to use to release the wire retaining bolts for the LED lighting. Minimal wire clearance with surrounding plastic  added misery and it was only with a bit of persistence that I was able to thread the tiny 16 gage lighting wires through these tiny holes. Also when the instructions said to use a ball peen hammer knock out the bottom V47 topcase plastic, I used my drill to get a pilot hole going and then used the hammer to knock out the remaining plastic with ease. Without the pilot hole  the hammer would wander during strikes. 

3. When drilling holes into the V47 top case, use  a 5/32 drill bit for the 4.5mm holes. 

4. The plug that has to be inserted to the bottom of the case should be separated from its housing first in order to get a good seal with the top case. Do not try to force it in. 

5. I also  installed a back rest for pillion riders. Use a 5/16 bit for their recommended 6.5mm holes for the retention bolts and washers for the back seat rest,and be sure to use their paper template to determine  where hole positions should be. I took a punch to hammer in the perfect point to where the drill bits needed to be ensure a perfect hole. If you don't use a punch to guide your initial hole drilling there's a good chance the drill bit will wander on the slightly curved V47 monokey plastic mounting surface. 

6. I used a 12v LED Xmas light tester to test my wiring before hooking  everything up to ensure my connections were solid. 

7. I'm going to use some silicone sealant / caulk to seal the area at the bottom of the V47 case where the wiring enters in order to ensure a water tight seal. 













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2019 Niken GT
First time Yamaha owner - BUSA!

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Ok so I pulled all the hardware together and finally loosened the necessary hex screws from the saddlebags and the existing tail plate to attach the necessary tail extension rods before finally mounting the M5 plate. The M5 plate was tough to align with the holes of the both the steel tail plate extender and the tail extension rods  but I finally got them through.

Hardest part was actually knocking out the hole in the M5 plate in order to run the v47 LED wiring cable through. Actually had to drill a pilot hole followed by a sanding tip of my Dremel to smooth out the plastic knock out and ensure a clean install of the LED connector in the M5 plate. 

Instructions were ok but the Givi illustrations showed a factory part in a place where it wasn't there when I loosened the saddlebag holders. I ended up keeping the factory rubber washer where it was and it didn't affect the installation tolerances. 

After I used my bicycle torque wrench to get all the bolts tightened appropriately, I took my V47 out and did a test fit. Looks pretty good if I don't say so myself. 

Now - need to figure out which electrical cables actually run to my taillight to splice in the final LED connections and the topcase should be ready to roll. 




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2019 Niken GT
First time Yamaha owner - BUSA!

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